Due to the sensitive nature of our projects we provide the following brief description on our main references:


We are commissioned with custom IT security software development for Vodafone Group. Teamed with Vodafone’s Ethical Hacking and Vulnerability Management professional we have been creating a software that is in many aspects and functions more advanced than those available on the market.


Our employees designed and developed the identity management solution of Hungary’s leading financial service provider and second largest bank. We have integrated almost all IT systems of K&H Group throughout the years. This project enabled our client to implement standardised, transparent and monitored processes.


Being part of an international project team we integrated the identity management system of KBC Group - 2nd largest financial group in Belgium - and K&H Group. We facilitated the analysis and integration of global and local business processes, designed the required complex IT processes and interfaces, and did the software implementation.


We took part in several innovative software development project as partners to iTecnologies - a former key player in the Hungarian R&D sector. Our contribution to these project were but not limited to: business analysis, business process automatition and IT security.