We mainly focus on specialised areas within custom software development, service management and system integration. We take great care of the security aspect throughout the whole implementation. We also provide source code review of third party softwares. All of our engineers possess 10+ years of experience in a combination of the following competencies.

Custom Webapplication Development

Our clients are frequently faced with the problem of retail softwares being unapplicable to their business environment due to unique characteristics of their organisation, policies, business processes or legislative constraints. Our engineers have huge experience in custom webapplication development, responsive and multi-platform solutions. We follow the trends and are familiar with appying the most current technologies.

Back-end Development

We have vast experience in processing huge amounts of data, countless variety of input sources, formats and encodings (both internationalisation and platform specific ones). We are intimately familiar with the most common Operating Systems (Windows Server OSes, various Linux distributions, commercial Unix Systems) and application servers. We excel at adapting to the customer’s specific environment, having a wide array of platform independent and platform dependent know-how.

Performance Analysis and Tuning

By profiling applications, analysing application and performance logs, placing measurement points, measuring back-end and front-end response times we are able to detect the major performance bottlenecks in almost any type of application. We deliver a documented comprehensive analysis and fix the problems or provide suggestions and consultancy. We have extensive knowledge in database optimisation and PostgreSQL tuning as well. Besides standard SQL profiling and optimization approaches, like schema analysis & redesign, execution plan optimization, we can offer the following expertise of ours: schema-less document / object oriented database approach and 1st & 2nd level query caching solutions.

System Integration

We provide solution alternatives based on business requirement assessment and facilitate necessary business decisions. After locating the components to be integrated, the required interfaces are designed and implemented. We have extensive experience not only with standard interface technologies but working with custom interfaces and proprietary 3rd party APIs. We take great care of the security aspect in selecting and applying both the appropriate methodologies and technologies. In order to improve testability mock interfaces are developed if possible. These have a good return of investment value even in a short term: they reduce the number of possible errors, speed up debugging and fixing problems.


We love using Splunk as a log aggregation & analysis tool. It’s powerful search & correlation capabilities allow us to understand our softwares’ behaviour in live environment much better. Live charts and various visualizations help us to gain quick insights. We know it’s capable of much more than we use it for, and we’re looking forward to our first Splunk plugin development project.

Project Management

Keeping everything organized and well scheduled makes everyone happier. We have vast experience with both waterfall and agile methodologies. Based on our experience agile approach is more suitable for software development project but we select and customise the methodologies according to the characteristics of the project and client environment.

Security Focused QA

Our analysts, developers and testers are familiar with the concepts of common attack techniques, security risks and vulnerabilities. We have security in mind throughout the whole lifecycle of our projects. The code produced by our developers is reviewed and the software is scanned for vulnerabilities before its release. We have Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) in our team.

Business Analysis

We facilitate the definition of business goals and objectives. We assess the organisational structure within the business domain, its processes and policies, identify the stakeholders. We assess business requirements, mediate conflicts of interest, create the business requirement specification. Thanks to our IT security background we detect and bring security issues to attention. Leveraging our strong business system analyst skills we work out solutions and facilitate business decisions. We are members of the International Institute of Business Analysis.